Camille Schaeffer is a French artist based in Berlin since 2015. 
She evolves in Berlin artistic scene and built strong relations with artists in many different areas. 

Geoffrey Schaeffer, is a French entrepreneur that created Brain & Heart, a branding and advertising consultancy. As brothers and sisters, Camille and Geoffrey always exchange ideas on projects and visions around brands and art. 

There were always a common vision and common ideas that leads them to create Studio SCH such as :

- Art hit the soul
- People remember ideas better through strong visuals and creative approaches
- Artists and brands have strong complementary powers (that they should bring together)

But brands do not always have an easy access to artists or the right ideas to create bankable projects with them. 

That is when Studio SCH appears.
We created the agency to fluidify relations between Artists and Brands, to create the right concept that fits the artists vision and the brand values and objectives. 

We want to put even more creativity and art in Brands, and in peoples lives. 


Because art is contagious, let's pass it on together !

Emoji Tape
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Cille Sch

Creative director

Geoffrey Schaeffer

Account Manager